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Woodwork workshop

Woodwork workshop

Full of vigor and enthusiasm for new challenges in the field of woodwork, students from state school center “Partenija Zografski” once again visited the studio for modern furniture Rinocca, this time to show off all their talent and skills in making solid wood products.

During their second workshop under the mentorship of designer Katerina Trpkovska and engineer Despina Zdravkova, they turned previously drawn sketches into an original line of products with functional and decorative purpose.

After each of the students materialized their imagination through individual objects, they jointly gave them the final look by hand finishing, ie sanding and varnishing the created works, which will be presented with a virtual exhibition this spring.

The training within “RESPONSIBLE FUTURE: CRAFTING YOUTH EMPOWEREMENT” aims to provide young adults with hearing loss a wide spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge for a career in the creative industries. The educational activities are implemented with support of @obrazovanie_za_vrabotuvanje.