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MFA in collaboration with Textile Trade Association of Macedonia – Textile cluster took part in Production Summit during UNITED FASHION in Skopje.

One of the main goals of the PRODUCTION SUMMIT was to connect European designers and brands with Macedonian factories. Southeast European countries can still produce small quantities for relatively low costs and use this advantage to produce high-quality goods for companies abroad. Macedonia, with its well-developed textile industry, is no exception. But finding the right producer is only one part of the production process. Emerging labels need to be prepared for production and have everything well organized for a smooth communication with the factory. Along with the presentation of the SEE market by professionals in the industry, activities included presentations from selected local manufacturers, visiting factories and meetings between participants and local producers. The presentations offered an introduction to the Macedonian production market, as well as production guidelines for young designers and brands.

In March 2019, during the PRODUCTION SUMMIT, an presentation of APPAREL PRODUCTION was organized with Advantest of the MK region presented by Natasha Sivevska – Executive Director of Textile Cluster Macedonia. The presentation covered the following topics: Introduction to Southeast European textile and clothing production market; Case study: Macedonia; Company profiles, production types and services; Production capacity and export; Import and export taxes.

The schedule included various factory visits and B2B Meetings between Macedonian factories and European fashion designers. One of the main goals of the Production Summit was to connect European designers and brands with Macedonian factories.

June 2017/2021, Associate Partner: in the UNITED FASHION EU project, a four-year exchange program between six EU states and their fashion competencies. Within the project 275 SMEs receive the opportunity to participate in workshops, showrooms, networking events across the EU. Supported by Creative Europe.