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Macedonian contemporary woodwork

Macedonian contemporary woodwork

With a visit to the studio for modern furniture Rinocca, a group of students from the school center “Partenija Zografski” in Skopje, began their quest for new knowledge and practical skills in woodwork as an activity.

During the first workshop under the mentorship of designer Katerina Trpkovska and engineer Despina Zdravkova, they got introduced to the basics of contemporary wood industry, i.e. the process of creating a piece of furniture – from idea to realization.

Then they found themselves in the role of “woodworkers” too, thus making the draft for their first wood product, together with art teacher Igor Kitanovski. After the automated computer production, they gave its final finesses through handcrafting.

The training for youngsters with hearing loss within “RESPONSIBLE FUTURE: CRAFTING YOUTH EMPOWERMENT” is realized with the support of @obrazovanie_za_vrabotuvanje. Stay up to date with the series of educational activities that follow in the upcoming period.