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Exploring the influence of cultural heritage in the Museum of Macedonia

Exploring the influence of cultural heritage in the Museum of Macedonia

Visiting the Museum of Macedonia in Skopje with the students from the State School Centre “Partenija Zografski”, marked the start of our challenging journey to change the way of inspiration for the new generation.


The aim was to bring them closer to traditions and transmit the heritage values, thus bridging the past, the present and the future. One of the oldest national museums hosts the country’s biggest ethnographic collection, a display of traditional architecture and a history room with original wood-carved objects.

The guided visit with sign language translation, provided all youngsters a memorable and immersive learning experience in a rich educational environment, which gave them a dynamic opportunity to explore their own curiosities.

A lot can be achieved when education and youth work meet cultural heritage. It has the power to inspire and drive positive changes, favouring intercultural understanding, respect for cultural diversity and creating an inclusive environment.

It opened their eyes to different ideas and perspectives, furnishing a foundation for creativity and critical thinking. It also provoked their imagination, which is integral to future success.

For the sake of preservation of our heritage, engaging young people is key to sustainability. To encourage them in being proactive in its exploration and promotion, the students were given creative tasks within the project.

By drawing inspiration from what caught their attention the most during the visit, over the next period they will express themselves with paintings and photo collages, linking tradition and modernity through artworks in a personal and unique way.



*All safety measures in relation to COVID-19 protection and prevention were undertaken.