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Slowly but surely, ideas are becoming a reality!

As part of the #BioHackMyWorld project, we participated at the Demo Day of the first program for startups working in biotechnologies and private sector egagement program in the first #biohacking laboratory in Skopje. The event was held at one of the high schools in Skopje “Marija Kiri Sklodovska”.

We presented two #biowaste ideas: A picnic set created from milled rice straw and husk and the process of creating rice fiber from rice straw.

The event was closed by the general secretary of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, and the Deputy Assistant Administrator of UNDP, Marina Walter, who was amazed by the potential of young people in the country to create products and businesses out of #biowaste and using #biotechnologies. Thanks to the support from UNDP, UNICEF, and the City of Skopje, we have established a cutting-edge laboratory for biotransformation.

We are proudly reflecting on the success of our participation in the Bio Hack My World accelerator program.

The project “Agricultural waste as raw textile and design material in the municipality of Kochani” is carried out by the Macedonian Fashion Association and supported by #GEFSmallGrantsProgramme #thegef1